Expand Your Ipad

Expand the App Capacity of the Dock by Adding Folders on iPhone & iPad

Sep 3rd 2012

If you have more favorite apps than what fit in the iOS Dock by default (4 on iPhone, and 6 on iPad), do yourself a favor and place a folder of more frequently used apps into the Dock.

All you need to do is drag any folder to the Dock. Either rename an existing one or create a new folder by tapping and holding an app to drop atop another. Once in the Dock it will expand out in a similar way to how folders behave in the OS X Dock when viewed by the Grid setting:

This is more of a usability tip than much else, especially for anyone who wishes the iPhone or iPad Dock held more icons, or for anyone easily lost in a sea of app pages. For example, if you frequently use more than one iOS web browser, try adding a folder dedicated to all browsers instead of cluttering the Dock with all of them.

Folders have been around in iOS since version 4.0. If you ever create a bunch of folders and get tired of having all your apps in them, the easiest way to dump all apps back to the homescreen is by resetting the home screen layout.

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