Hickory Flat iPad Rollout for Teachers Big Success


HF Teachers,
I think we had a great time with our iPad rollout yesterday. Carol and Cheryl did a great job keeping us on point. They are working behind the scenes to get the remaining iPads to work.
We have attached a couple things that you should save to your new iPad right away. Here is your iPad homework for today. We may have a pop quiz Friday so be ready.

1.       This is the selected hyperlink that takes you to the CCSD iPad site.


Click the above link while on your iPad (in your school email).

It will take you to the site and on the top bar look for the box with an arrow coming out of it, press it and it gives you the option to Add Bookmark, touch that (See the attachment above Add book mark if you are a visual learner). You should have the ipad CCSD site as a saved book mark.

2.       Tap on the attached picture that I have included in this email (again tap on this picture on your iPad not your PC ☺). Hold your finger on top of the picture lightly. It will give you options to save to your iPad Photo Album or send it to others (email). Select save image. Then look at your Photo Album to see if the HF Staff picture is saved in your photo album.

3.       Don’t worry the learning curve is a lot of fun. Just laugh when you reach up and swipe or touch your PC screen instead of your iPad. One thing we didn’t really mention is charging. The charger that was included in your packaging was to be used for your iPad2. Your phone charger or generic chargers may or may not fully charge your iPad. We will have many things to share with each other over the next few months, enjoy the ride.

Hickory Flat Thunderbirds…Watch Us Soar!

[Description: Dr I Sig]


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