Hickory Flat Teacher iPad rollout almost here!


Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase


We are almost ready for an exciting day where we will rollout our iPads to our teachers. Bellow you will find what each teacher should print out and bring to the training session on Wednesday the 22nd at 3pm in the Media Center. We will have several tech people to help and assist us as we get out iPads out and ready to go. We may have some Press People here to take pictures or ask about interviews.


Bring to Ipad Training


Print out this information. Decide prior to training what information you want to put on the Ipad when asked. Having this information in advance will speed the iTunes account creation during the training. You will not setup your Itunes account until the training.


1.  Decide on an Apple Itunes PW


8 characters – with at least   1 capital letter 1 number


  Example:  My1sport


2.  The school address and phone number to be typed in as the user’s address


3.  Choose from these security questions and have available the answer to type in.  There will be 3 sets of questions.









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